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Avaaahh's Blog

"You can't spell happiness without 'P3NIS' stay"
14 years old
American Samoa
Last Login: 1622742754000
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FAQ ˚◞♡

Uhh Hello!! Here are some answer too my FAQ,,

  1. How did I do my page?
    • Well uhh I watched a lot of youtube video's and I knew how to do a little scripting.

  2. Can I take stuff from your page?
    • Ofc you can, please just add me or give me credit! <33

  3. Can we be friends?
    • Ofc we can dm for my socials <33

  4. Whats your zodiac sign?
    • Im a taurus my birthday's april 22nd

  5. Whats your sexuailty?
    • I'm bisexual :)

  6. Are you single?
    • Yes currently. :,)

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