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✡ Love potion

A simple potion you can make at home is honey infused with dried rosebuds. Where possible, use local honey and organic, fair-trade plant material. Fill a glass jar one third with rose and the remaining two thirds with honey. Say your intentions aloud. How you articulate your aims will vary by individual. “You might say, ‘I welcome love; I welcome self-love; I’m open to romance, kindness, compassion; I pull that energy forth into this medicine
Label your jar with the date. Let it sit in a cool, dark place. Shake it every day. After four to six weeks, start to take the honey at least once a day, straight in a spoon, in tea, or on toast. Even if you’re skeptical of magic, let yourself enjoy the sweetness. You don’t need to be seeking love to use a heart potion. For brokenhearted clients, Bautista-Carolina might suggest an alcohol-based tincture made from the flowers and leaves of the hawthorn tree. “You can be trying to rid yourself of a love that no longer serves you; trying to preserve your love; increase your love; amplify the love that you have; discard an unwanted lover,”

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