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"despite everything, it's still you"
100 years old
United States
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music stuff here >:)
comment song recs if u want
spotify account => https://open.spotify.com/user/song_bird38?si=42d904f04c8c4c08
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-this night has opened my eyes, the shins
-headless horseman, the microphones
-head in the ceiling fan, title fight
-what do you want, german error message
-and i love her, kurt cobain
-this body means nothing to me, shrimp
-señora diana la, eduardo mateo
-be quiet and drive (far away), deftones
-just, radiohead
-we'll meet again, the inkspots
-the nurse who loved me, failure
-ashtray, narrow head
-paul, big theif
-covet, basement
-emerald eyes, fleewod mac
-can't stand losing you, the police
-a lot's gonna change, weyes blood
-is it really you?, loathe
-redwood reverie, plas teg
-the bug collector, haley heynderickx
-blow up the outside world, soundgarden
-a world that's ending, datfootdive
-don't believe, vashti bunyan
-when the sun hits, slowdive
-rises the moon, liana flores
-a pearl, mitski
-drani you, nirvana
-after dark, mr.kitty
-kit, julie
-plastic love, mariya takeuchi
-mayonaka no door, miki matsubara
-small world, jack stauber
-tea errors, jack stauber's micropop

[underground bands]
-gezebelle gaburgably
-malice k
-the music tapes present: sonds of the orbiting human circus
-floyd's boys
-tele novella
-hana bryanne

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