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69 years old
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i feel like i'm infinite. maybe not me in this body. more like that one atom that's in charge of my consciousness. it does feel like i have been alive forever. technically in my own timeline i have been living forever. in my timeline nothing existed before me. i can't remember a time i was not alive. i have been around in my own universe forever. this feels nice. i'm everything. the moment i close my eyes nothing has colour. hi stranger that's reading this. i'm claudia, also known as claud. i highly doubt the fact that i'm real, and even if i'm real i'm pretty sure this is not normal reality. i just want to explode like a star or constantly expand like the universe. oh yes. constantly expand and create and destroy. is that what will happen when i die? all my atoms will just disconnect from each other, creating such a big explosion of energy i will destroy the current universe becoming one myself. that's such a beautiful thought. yes it can be easily disproved by science but who cares really cares. i'm the universe about to be born and i'm infinite

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