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"Don't change for others, change for yourself."
1 years old
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Blog 2 - I don't understand

I don't quite understand people. Why do people hate me? Is it because they're jealous or because I always have such a big smile on my face. I don't understand why you're jealous of me or the smile I try so hard to keep on. I mean, don't you do the same? Don't you force a smile everyday? I don't, If I'm being honest when I speak to people I start to forget all that has gone wrong in my life. I no longer remember what I was so upset about. Maybe it was the fact that you started ignoring me or maybe I make myself angry as it is. You may wonder why your existence bothers you so much, don't you? Well that's because you believe the world hates you and that makes you want to hate yourself because people are stupid and cruel. I think about it a lot, like what people are thinking or why'd they start taking forever to reply to my message. In truth, being hated doesn't bother me, but when people start to ignore me, that's when it becomes a problem. I understand you don't like me, but why ignored me, can't you just listen to what I have to say? No, they can't. That's why I don't understand people and why they do what they please. To be frank, I think it's because they feel less then others, but that's why they'll never be good enough. They'll always feel trapped because they care what others think and now they hate themselves more than anyone else in the world. People hate me, but I don't care because nobody has ever truly liked me in the first place, so why do I care when people ignore me? Well that's because I still want to try and be something we could never be because you were always jealous, but why? If you had my thoughts you would soon become lost because even I cannot understand them. I don't understand people that's why you'll never understand me.

By - Jae

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Blog 1 - society

The world is filled with monsters, but not the monsters you're thinking of. The monsters I see are people like us. I don't blame people for hating people who kill and rape, but have you ever thought about it, like why people do it. Maybe they're lonely, but that's no excuse. People go through life and start to hurt others because of what goes on at home. Everyone's dream is to be rich and famous, but me. What I want is a fixed society, I want to be able to travel the world without fear. No I do not fear society. I fear what it's going to become. I still sit at home wondering about the world, I mean I only know so much. This world is filled with hatred and evil. That's why people are afraid, so don't blame others, but don't blame yourself either. People hurt people and call them names I hurt people because I don't know how to properly love, but most don't. I want to travel and be me, that's all I've ever wanted. I want to become an artist and be free. No I don't have the best life, but neither do I have the worst. Everyone is bad. It's true and you know it. Nobody is perfect, so why do people try so hard to be. Well I think trying to be perfect gets you no where. You try to hard and someone gets hurt, you try to hard and you have to show everyone kindness, you try to hard and you lose yourself while your at it. Be you not the person you try so hard to be.

by - Jae

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