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"I've made up my mind, I'm not going anywhere"
101 years old
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To Your Eternity // Spoilers

AHHHH, I never knew one episode of an anime could make me cry like a baby. The boy was so adorable, and he had so many dreams ;-; he shouldn't have died; my baby..
and the immortal is such an interesting character, he seemed curious about the life of the boy and whats out there, I think it's interesting he now takes the boys form.

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Currently reading?

I'm currently reading a few books, they're pretty interesting I guess...
> A Darker Shade of Magic
it's basically a trilogy were this guy jumps between dimensions called Londons, the world building is super interesting! TW because the main character hurts himself to jump worlds and it goes into detail
> No Longer Human
I like this one because I understand how he feels at times, even though I probably should NOT... but I like to read about his life.

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