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100 years old
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ok so i got the dates mixed up,, the pink moon is on the 27~28th.. oops

anyways,, im feeling a lot better than a few days ago ;]
i made strawberry bread yesterday and its SO GOOD pls go make some strawberry bread when u have time

not much to note today >-> ive been stuck inside often </3

im trying to grow my nails out and theyve gained some length so thats cool (´∀`)b

also.. IM OUT OF PINEAPPLE JUICE 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 if anyone wants to mail me some the offer is open ;]]]

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in pain today ;[ + im stuck in bed

but!!! i have pineapple juice so its good
dan the dancer by mitski is so good >->,, mitski in general tbh

oh also,, im excited for the pink moon on the 26th i think it was?? but apparently the moon isnt gonna be pink?? idk we'll see..

while i was writing this i ran out of juice... mood RUINED! </3

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boreddd ;000

currently trying to rewatch bungou stray dogs... also!!! i recently got my first s rating on bandori.. not super big but im still pretty new to it so im proud of myself :]]]

i need films to watch,, pls recommend iam begging ;[

ive been into the artists the sukis, roar, and the garden a lot recently ;] the guitar and bass is always just so satisfying ,,, i cant stop listening >->

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