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" Okay, listen, you fucked up this time."
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To Tommy.

Tommy, I knew this time would probably come.

For a kingdom that rules with kindness and not with might. No weapons, no armor, just a group of people.

Schlatt does not follow these same principles.

Schlatt wants weapons. Schlatt wants power. Schlatt wants to expand out into Dream SMP land.

Schlatt wants to abolish the walls in order to take more and more land.

Schlatt is no Wilbur.

I don’t know if peace can be maintained between our two nations with Schlatt at the helm.

Last time I tried to take a stand on behalf of Dream SMP I was touted as the villain. This time, I can’t involve myself.

Schlatt is technically a democratically elected leader, and I can’t overthrow him.

If you need my help, I am here, but it must be from the shadows. I can’t be caught breaking the peace treaty. Even though the people I made it with are no longer involved.

I have trusted you with my most prized possession, which was used to kill you by Schlatt on the day before the election. Only fitting it be used on him in retaliation.

Also armor that I was going to trade with Skeppy for your disc.

For now, farewell from the shadows. Be safe.

-Big D

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