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6/18/2021 (food blog??)

im gonna start making these blog things to check whatt i eat in a day, and make them public to see if that helps me eat better lol, bc i know i need to, and public shame may be the only thinng that works. on to the food ig.

so today ii had two pieces of toast with nutella for breakfast at around 11.30am, yes ik kinda late and not the best.
then i ate some (ie, like five spoonfulls of) rice and a little (less than the rice) bit of pulled beef salad(?? at 1.30/2.00pm
later, at 3pm i think i had another two toasts w nutella.
this isnt food but ig it still counts so i drank a 50ml. bottl of tequila (yes ik okay i shouldn't have im sorry) at 7.40pm i think.
i might have something for dinner, most likely not, but if i do it's gonna be 3 egg burritos later tonight, but i wont get my hopes up im not really hungry today.
(edit: it's currently 12:38am, so no dinner for me today. im kindof really hungry tho,,,,, but it's too late for food so il wait till tomorrow.)

so that's all, i'd say it wasnt such a bad day bc i ate something so yay for me, but i could definitely eat better. my parents asked me today if i was gonna eat after i had already eaten so like yeahhhh maybe i should start trying.

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