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"かみ | kami"
69 years old
United Kingdom
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hi! i am kami ! i have been learning japanese for 1 year so I am pretty decent at reading, writing it. i watch many twitch streamers such as purpled, astelic, wallibear & some others!

i have java minecraft so if you ever want to play bedwars or anything please message me !!
my favourite artists are:

  • beach bunny
  • mother mother
  • COIN
  • sir chloe
  • penelope scott & more!

if you want to check out my spotify playlist here is the link!:

my style is a mix of harajuku and other random things i can find on aliexpress, shein, amazon etc.

feel free to add me and my discord is: kami'#0420
ig: stupoid
tiktok: kwupiid
my other myspace account is kwupif so feel free to add it but this account is becoming one of my mains !!

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