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United States
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check in :)

hello everyone,
it's been a while since I last made a blog post so I just wanted to do a little check in to see how many ppl r active/reading my blogs. If you are leave ur fav song down below (this will be awko if no one does it).

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finally active again!

So, I'm active again. I have been super busy; seeing as school is almost over and I had to take state testing; and I've been having trouble getting my drivers license (technical difficulties, super stressful x_x). But now I have a lot more free time! SO for now I'm active.

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drop ur playlists :P

I wanna hear some of yalls music, I'll drop mine later :P

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Hello Every1 :p

I'm new to this website :D I'm still figuring out my layout but I'm also on Friend Project and Spacehey (even tho i dont really use friend project) My users on both are; emobug if you guys would like to add me :)

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