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Madskywolf's Blog

"hE wAs A bOy, ShE wAs A gIrL. "
Trans Male
15 years old
United States
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Quick disclaimer

everything I say on myspace is a joke. it's supposed to be cringy. All the emojis are a joke aswell as all the caps and the constant UwUs.

I am indeed a furry and like making heads and art
I am indeed a trans guy
I am not homophobic
I am not an otherkin but I do have a tail and collar
oh and Im also 15 and my name is Alex.

i might blog on here about my skater joury and my anime journey. If i can find a way to post pictures I will show some of my art aswell.

OKay that's all! from now on most of the blogs will just me shit posting some cringy stuff. (also when I say cringe i actually hate that word but that's the only way I can communicate it)

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