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yo fucking . myspace deleted my blogs i had in the other one cos it went over 4000 characters and didn't tell me ..... fuck... so here's whatever i salvaged

1 40 AM 4/25
it has been a minute once again but :) el stupido adhd brain go fizzzzzzzzzzzz... had anime club every week since last post and i already drug my friend d-d-d-dj tourettes into it too heheheheheh
mrs w the epic librarian who runs anime club got rid of a bunch of manga after club its the first time shes had to purge that section since theres so many weebs but since we were at club i got first pick of what i wanted to take home
i got 3 volumes of yen plus along with some misc stuff, twilight graphic novel, 2 parody gn's, and a manga called dollis that looked weird and fucked up i flipped thru like 3 pages and there was GRAPHIC CONTENT and im like. oh. and mrs w was like ? is there somethin weird in it haha and im like. yea 3 pages in and thers data expunged
like 2/3 thru with the twilight one and i like it all the stuff i picked out is that older anime style like the one from 2008-2010 thats epic
on another note i'm reading interview with the vampire and its sooo good i really like it, u can really picture everything i already drew fanart for it im such a dweeb
here's the free book haul:
and here's the fan art:
https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/819583396811767808/835683025471143946/image0.jpg?width=323&height=431 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/819583396811767808/835683026213142578/image0.jpg
and here's something i'm working on in art class:
been getting back into the sims and of course the kandi making has died down but i crocheted for the first time in a few months earlier today so thats good ig, i made some granny squares

12AM 4/8
HEY GUYS XOXO sorry for not checking in often! i have adhd and its hard for me to remember or use sites other than chat stuff without getting burnt out super quick, plus kandi is currently my hyperfixation qwq but watch it last another week at most haha o.o anyways! after spring break they made all the kiddies come back to school which is stupid but-- it means my friends r back :333 so we're having anime club tomorrow after school in person for the first time this schoolyear x3!! everything is going good, my english teacher got up from his seat while we were working to tell me my narrative was "spectacularly good" :P i like creative writing a lot but i'm also not a suuper creative person and i have a really hard time getting things started, once i get going its all good tho i can finish it easy. anyways rn i've been reading girl in a cage its really good if you like historical fiction i guess? i don't especially care for that genre but i love how its written, theres use of celtic and scots in dialogue and such, tho i skip the parts about her before she gets caged just cos its a little boring. its broken up chapter by chapter like ones her in the cage for a day and the other is her before she gets caught. since its like olden times it reminds me of my mom's former cousin's books haha, i loved them tho i shouldn't have read them when i did cos of the sex scenes. they were really good from what i remember, like it was medieval and fantasy stuff and i dont tend to like that so much but i really liked it in that. anyways this has been super long but like i said once i get going its a little hard to stop, adhd xD but ! final note -- i'm gona get vaccinated soon since its super easy to in TN, i could have like last month maybe but just haven't bothered but i'm making an appointment soon :# xoxo stay safe

2AM 3/30
makin kandi :3 purrrrr... someone buy me pony beads plx! :p

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