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16 years old
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to da ppl from instagram

((ignore me using myspace instead of making a carrd))

if ur here im guessing ur from ig heres some basic info abt how u can use my art and stuff!

DO NOT REPOST MY ART even with credit.

im fine with ppl using my art as icons as long as proper credit is given, the same for edits and stuff like that

getting ispiration from my art/artstyle is okay (it actually warms my heart when ppl say i inspire themMM)! but if its really heavily inspired/referenced give me credit

IF U WANT TO DRAW MY OCS GO FOR IT!! u can even dm me for a ref or something mwhaHAAA

a lot of ppl asked me this but unfortunately i dont do comissions as of now :( but i do art trades! just dm me if u want to at

if u have any other questions i didnt anwser here feel free to dm me! i will prob respond really quick bc im always on my phone FWYEFEWVTF

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