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"homophobia? now that's not very poggers."
19 years old
United States
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uh hi!

ok cool i was able to edit my blog right!! i'm not the best at coding, but i was able to find a website with a few different themes! the selection is slim, but it was still a very good find nevertheless. credit to em/a link below of the website just incase you wanna find the theme right for u!♥️


i also had a shit ton of trouble figuring out how to add a song to my page, BUT then, i found this gem of a site:


basically all you gotta do is copy the url of a yt vid with the song u picked out, then paste it on the search bar right in the middle of the page! it'll turn that link into that vid's audio, and into a mp3, which is they type of file you'll need to upload your page's song!! it was super easy, i'm happy with the song i choice; one of my all time favorites...

anywho-! i hope you all are doing well, can't wait to meet more of ya'll. have a nice day, luv !!!❀

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