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"my strife specibus would be of the teeth variety"
Gender Questioning
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Minecraft Mobs Genderhoards

!! Made these with AceTheSpookyGhost !!

Sheep is supportive cishet
Cow is a het passing gay man
Fox is trans het
Bat is too young/not questioned
Chicken is gay
Ocelots are twinks
Pig is cishet
Rabbit is a femme lesbian
Mooshroom is a femme lesbian, was hatecrimed so lives away from society
Squid is too stupid to figure it out
Turtles are cishet parents who have a gay child
Villager a is supportive cishet
Wandering trader a is supportive cishet, comes from place where it's illegal but they're still supportive
Horse is cishet
Cat is twink who wants to be a bear
Parrot is a flamboyant gay man
Skeleton horse is unlabelled
Dolphins are the free hug parents at pride
Polar bear is gay
Panda is a bear
Wolf is bisexual
Bees are t4t trans people
Iron golems are scary bears, but soft inside
Spider is trans
Cave Spiders are TERFs
Enderman is neurodivergant, uses xenogenders and neopronouns, and has a crush on iron golem
Zombie Pigman is a bear
Phantom is queer
Evoker, Vindicator, Pillager, Ravager and Vex are all supportive queers
Endermite is annoying child who thinks pronouns = gender
Guardian is supportive cishet
Elder Guardian is aroace agender who fucked one time to figure themselves out but had guaridan kids
Shulker is boyflux
Husk is a cishet himbo
Stray is femme lesbian
Blaze is butch lesbians
Creeper is gay with internalised homophobia issues from homophobic parents and conversion therapy
Ghast use tear/tearself neopronouns
Magma Cube is a bear
Silverfish is annoying child who thinks pronouns = gender
Skeleton is bigender
Slime is a bear
Zombie is a not straight himbo who dates skeleton
Zombie Villager is homophobic/transphobic cishet
Drowned is cishet
Wither Skeleton is skeleton's older transmasc brother who is on T
Witch is a TERF
Hoglin is gay
Piglin is supportive cishet who has pronouns in bio
Piglin brute is the overly supportive cishets who will kill people they when use wrong pronouns
Wither is a bisexual MILF, who killed her husband when he fetishized her
Enderdragon is the lesbian mother of the endermen

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wait this isn't minecraft mobs generator


Wow xD This is great omg