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18 years old
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about me !

hiya here's some extra things about me in case u wanted to know :)
name: caitlin
age: 18
background: my mom's family is from wales and my dad is from trinidad
hobbies: video games, photography, painting, researching random crap
favourite colour: pale purple
favourite food: popcorn
favourite music artist: the walters (and although i don't listen to his music anymore because it makes me very sad, i will always have a special place in my heart for flatsound)
favourite song: i love you so by the walters
favourite tv show: skins uk or black mirror
favourite movie: saw
favourite video game: life is strange
favourite flower: lavender
favourite animal: opossums !! i'm obsessed with them
favourite youtuber: mamamax, nexpo, barely sociable, supermega, pewdpiepie, or cody ko (hard to pick just one because i like both horror and comedy quite a lot)
dream travel destination: iceland
current career path: something to do with psychology (not sure exactly what yet)
mother's maiden name: haha u thought
have i ever been in love?: once, love is so special and real and not a word to be throwing around (in my opinion there is also a difference between loving someone and being IN love with someone but that's another tangent)
have i ever been heartbroken?: unfortunately :(
sun sign: scorpio
moon sign: pisces
rising sign: my parents don't remember the time i was born at so it's currently unknown
love language: quality time
mbti type: infp-t
alignment: true neutral
enneagram type: nine
clothing style: baggy vintage clothes, collared shirts or blouses, mom jeans, ugly ass t-shirts
do i collect anything?: i collect rings, vinyls, and vintage clothing
any pets?: i have a doggie named monty, a turtle named tommy, and a bearded dragon named nacho
❁thanks for reading❁

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i reposted it on this page bc i like this page better than my other one xd