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Corona Troubles

When all of this started, I was stoked to hear that we were gonna have a whole month off of school. I thought I could sit back and the teachers would struggle to churn any sort of work out, and I'd come back to maybe some light work at the end of the year, and just coast to graduation. Boy, was I wrong. My teachers had about two weeks of struggling with online content before they kicked it into high gear and started churning out work faster than I could do it. I hate to say it, but I was totally caught off guard by all of it. I had been the happiest little camper just playing Azur Lane and messing around on the internet all day. It was a serious wake-up call when I found out my teachers were really pushing lots of work daily. To make matters worse, I was late to the party, so I not only have to do the assigned daily work, but make up work too. Just goes to show that you can't ever get too comfy with a situation where you can be lazy. I've been, as I usually say, overworked and underslept.
One upside, though, to being cooped up in my house all day is that I had opportunity to play lots more guitar, and find this place and a few other things during my self-allotted free time. Places like AIDungeon and Windows 93 proved to be rather entertaining when people weren't active on Discord. I'm not really the type to use Snapchat or Instagram, and stuff like Facebook doesn't appeal to me either. I've never really been too socially gifted, so the wall of anonymity and my ability to let people see what I want them to without having family members scrutinize and judge is comforting in its own way. Though, after this whole Corona pandemic, I think I'll have to do lots more of personal work through the internet, which I don't like. I'm glad they lifted the order to stay home where I live, as with all the new information surfacing, it's becoming apparent that the people who still choose to lock themselves away are hypochondriacs. Whatever. I just hope that the rest of the year isn't as crappy as this, or else I'm gonna have one long ass story to tell my grandchildren in 50 years.

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Corona really is an awkward situation