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The importance of Ghiaccio [JJBA]

Greetings everyone.
I'd like to talk about one of my all time favourite characters and so called husbandos - Ghiaccio.
Now, I know what you're thinking - "How can this Goblin looking coldass mf be your husbando?" Let me explain.
First of all, I think that Ghiaccio is very well designed. His character, appearance and stand - everything is quite unique.
Second of all... How can you not like him? Like fr? I just KNOW that he is a GOD DAMN TSUNDERE AND JUST NEVER HAD ANYONE TO LOVE HIM. COME HERE BBY I'M GONNA GIVE YOU ALL MY LOVE!
Ehm... Back to the topic - I think we need more Ghiaccio simps because everyone is sleeping on him.
Oh and if you haven't watched Jojo's bizarre adventure... You should check it out.
No, seriously.
Go watch it.
No, I don't have issues.

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