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"It's not too late to fall in love with life 💖"
24 years old
United States
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step three.

okay, it's been a while, and i've def been working on stuff but i've been all over the place between a lot of things i've needed to do. sorry for not posting a lot!!!!! that said though, i'm happy to say that even if some things are rough to start, we're doin okay. a bit of a nebulous thing to go off of, but if you get hurt over a goal, that just makes it more real, right??

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have a cool thing i made. i've been working hard on this album, but i'm waiting for the right time and place to start putting out singles. this is just a lil experimental thing i made as a commission for a friend in about 7 hours!

hope you guys like it!!!!!

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thank you all!!!!!

i'm sorry for not keeping up-- life has been suuuuuuuper busy as of late-- but i just wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments on the track i posted!!!! i'm so happy you all enjoy it, and though some of the stuff i'm working on may not be too similar to it, i hope you'll enjoy it all the same!! i really wanna show people what i have to offer in a bunch of different styles!!!! in the mean time, though, if you guys ever wanna message me about music, games or other stuff, feel free! i'm always down to hear abt people's

...also, i maaaaaaaay be working on one last teaser before the ep gets released ;) keep your finger to the pulse!! 💖

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new project!!!!!!!!!!!

this ep is already huge and i'm so excited to share it with you, but for now you can look at the first of what i got right here at this super secret link go go go!!!

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