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"The 90's were great"
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My Ass Is Huge

My ass is huge... It's like the moon, but even the moon, like, wasn't as big as my ass. Maybe it's good, or maybe it's a serious problem. Eh, whatever, I was told to be happy about my ass... Sometimes... I dream about cheese, all kinds of cheese. American cheddar, white cheddar, swiss cheese, Manchego, Monterey Jack.... Nacho cheese too! But sometimes these dreams get... Well... Crazy if I must exaggerate this statement... Sometimes my activities expand farther from just dreaming about it... Sometimes I am the cheese, and as the cheese I would be spread upon toast, Lots and lots of toast. My favorite dream was being inside a block of cheese. The cheese was perfect, exquisite, amazing, fit to my preferable liking. If you had made it this far then I was just making this all up. I am also surprised you read this whole mess of a fake cheese dreaming mental orgasm reading. Well I'm bored so I might just play Runescape for some complete nostalgia kek. Have a cheesy day you weirdo.

(Don't worry, I'm basically a full on weirdo so you're not alone)


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