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"I express all my emotions by saying fuck "
101 years old
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Welcome dudes,

Hello, fellow internet people, and welcome to my Myspace page! If anyone knows anyone who wants to do gay crimes, please lmk. Anyways, the coronavirus sucks a$$ and my parents are going to get divorced once it's over (: I wish I was born in Hollywood so I could start my singing career quick and also emancipate myself but eh,,, maybe if I can tag along with some agency at some point. Also, I have a tendency to overshare so y'all will get a fair share of amusement and equally, terror, from the daily proceedings of my life. I'll probably post a lotta rants and hobby shit. I might eventually give out my personal Instagram, but more likely I'll give out my alter Instagram. I'm always down to meet new people and have an interesting chat, so whatever anyone wishes to talk about, I'll discuss it with you to the best of my ability! Anyways, friends, let's bake banana bread and push transphobes down stairs to cope with this pandemic!

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