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13 years old
United States
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Hi! My name is Sollux or whatever on my pronouny!

I mainly go by He/Him or Gore/Goreself pronouns!

I get angry a lot by the slightest things and overreact a lot.

I also don't know how to tell if things are a joke or if you're being serious most of the time so tone indicators are needed!

I also say slurs when I'm mad (ones I can reclaim!!) and make homophobic/transphobic jokes (I am indeed trans and a homo).

I normally just say random song lyrics or just spam my thoughts if a chat is inactive.

I also can't read for the life of me.

I suck at spelling.

I think I'm right 99% of the time, So I most likely won't drop an argument even after it's over.

I have a constant urge to yell all the time or just start ranting when chats inactive as well.

I'm very hypocritical.

I barely ever sleep so if I'm offline about 50% of the time I'm sleeping.

I'm slowly losing motivation for everything.

I question reality more times than a kid my age should, I normally think I'm living in a video game 50% of the day.

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