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"Esoteric Schizophrenic"
17 years old
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Old bit of my writing

People in the past -before the 1800's -often percieved time as a constant, that being born 10 or even 100 years ago wasn't that significant
that big changes were merely simple disturbances in the status quo, that they had a sort of unchanging and immortal essense to them as
their parents and children would be much similar to each other than people born 10 years apart today could ever imagine.
This is why so many ideas of essentialism and souls and essense were so common and strongly held.
Time was a constant, and nostalgia for things could be more placed as fondness for specific memories or a longing for a specific far away
place ( remember distance was much longer back then ) than a wish to go back to an era truly and utterly lost to time.
Their culture, cities, peoples, places, were like cliffs, sure the waves may bash against them, but it will take hundereds of years until
any significant damage will show.
But our time, oh our time is like sand, and though we may try to construct the most beautiful of plans for our sandcastles, it will be
hours until the tide comes in again.

We tend to think of this change as eternal, and maybe it will be a permanent feature in one way or another.
But all of this can't go on exponentially.
All of this massive upheavel only happened because of changes in millenia old orders in the 20th century.
But this rate.
This process.
It can't go on forever.
And if it tries to, and does so exponentially.
It will kill parts of us we may never realise could die.

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