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"status: idle! โ˜๏ธŽ๏ธŽ"
13 years old
United States
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/ ( โ€ข x โ€ข ) \ ~ back from hiatus!

hihi! so i'm sure you've noticed i haven't been active, but i'm back now!
i had to take a lil break to focus on my finals and such.
just thought i'd let everyone know i'm still here!

tysm for reading!



/ ( โ€ข x โ€ข ) \ ~ new plushies!

hihi! i was at the dollar store today looking for some easter decor and found some new bunny stuffies!
/ ( โ€ข x โ€ข ) \
iโ€™m super excited to share them with you! i definitely got lucky today and as soon as i saw them i bought all of them, iโ€™m already attached D:

the family photo:


iโ€™m looking for matching and/or rhyming names for the four of them! maybe something correlating to their colors or something like that :)

tysm for reading!



/ ( โ€ข x โ€ข ) \ ~ 100 friends!

hihi! i feel like iโ€™ve come super far in just a few days:
100 is for sure something to be remembered!
ty for all the support and love ive received! iโ€™ve met a ton of fellow bunny lovers and people that share my interests!
im so glad to hear all the compliments on my page, it truly means a lot to me..!!

i go to sleep thinking about your kind words :)

tysm for reading!


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/ (โ€ข x โ€ข) \ ~ how to contact me!

hi! so i figured i would explain the best and most effective ways to contact me and get a response back as well as what you should and should not contact me for!

contact me if...

... you wanna be friends!

... you wanna chat!

... you want css help!

... you have general myspace questions!

... you want myspace advice!

... you have any questions about my hobbies/interests!

... you need theme ideas!

do not contact me if...

... you need to vent!

... you need personal advice!

... youโ€™re going to self promo!

... you want my personal socials!

... youโ€™re looking for a s/o!

... you fall under my dni list!

the best way to contact me is through...

... the myspace message feature! i always look for notifications and i will be happy to chat with you! you will always be able to message me. it is the most effective way to grab my attention!

an okay way to contact me is through...

... the comment feature! i read them, yes, but i do not reply due to the fact that there is no reply feature, which means it doesnโ€™t give you or i a notification when someone replies! plus, then are conversations are public, which means they clog up all the kind compliments!

you can not message me through...

... any outside social media! not only because i havenโ€™t linked it, but because i donโ€™t disclose that unless it is necessary!

tysm for reading!


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/ (โ€ข x โ€ข) \ ~ dni (pls read!)

dni if:

  • youโ€™re homophobic
  • youโ€™re racist
  • youโ€™re pro MAP
  • you make fun of people for enjoying childlike things (i like stuffed animals + furbies and just generally childlike activities)
    (basically just donโ€™t be a meanie)
  • youโ€™re an agere or little themed/inspired/referenced page (it makes me uncomfortable)
  • you judge people based off their kins
  • youโ€™re 10 or under (this doesnโ€™t need an explanation)

i tried to not make this super huge for the best of your convenience!

tysm for reading!


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