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Protect Turkish Womans

Currently, the Istanbul Convention in response to the Government's plan to withdraw from the protests taking place in Turkey.

The Istanbul Convention was adopted to prevent violence against women and domestic violence. However, this law that protects women has not been duly enforced and its complete abolition is now on the agenda.

As politicians continue to discuss the Istanbul Convention:
Women getting killed
Women are tortured
And the murders are covered up.

By signing and sharing the campaign, you can both claim our current rights and ensure that this campaign reaches women who are not aware of these rights.

If you are not aware of the contents of the Istanbul Convention, please continue reading. Because the rights granted to women by law are vital for all women;

● Placing women and children in a shelter
Providing temporary protection in situations where life is threatened
● Removing the violent person from home and preventing the woman from reaching addresses such as accommodation, school, workplace.
● Preventing the attacker from communicating with the woman via communication tools such as phone, mail, social media,
● Hiding the address of women subjected to violence so that they cannot be seen by any institution.
Workplace change can be requested
● The violator handing over his gun to the police (even if he is working as a police and gendarme)
Temporary financial assistance
● In order to prevent the husband from selling the house, the family residence commentary in the house where the woman lives.
Temporary custody and alimony
Change your identity and other relevant information may be requested

As you can see above, we have a law that can be very effective in protecting the rights of women who are subjected to male violence. Unfortunately, many women are killed every day for not being practiced.

We will continue to speak out to the end for the implementation of this law.


Please sign and share. Both for the implementation of the law and for women to be aware of their rights.

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