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rip framecast

3 yrs of my life said goodbye yesterday :[
i knew it was gonna go but not so soon yk?
and i really wish i had access to everything still,
i screenshotted what i could
im gonna miss this stupid shitty animation app ok let me be SAD !!!!
i met some super amazing ppl on it (eg. my bf of almost 2 yrs) and
even with how bad the app is objectively i had so much fun. man
and it feels so weird to not be able to check in with everyone and hit
that news feed button or see the new animations today i dunno :[
most of the ppl i care a lot abt i have on other problems but ill
miss the interface and the community and everyone else
plus even from a different point of view, maybe even if the ppl didnt
matter to me, it would still be sad because im losing
pieces of my life entirely, i basically documented everything
i ever did there at one point and now i can't access it
its just odd 2 me rn. it feels like smths missing
and it is so

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