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icewolfie's Blog

"found family trope, my beloved"
Gender Questioning
18 years old
United States
Last Login: 1624265770000
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do not interact:

-lgbtphobe of any kind, this includes ace exclusionists, terfs, and the new "super [blank]" crap
-anti-blm/"all lives matter"
-general racism
-under 14 years of age, you...really shouldnt be on the internet, sorry—and i know from experience.
-you like attack on titan, hetalia, and/or hazbin hotel

i know people who fit this probably arent going to listen so ig expect blocks if i must.

before you follow:

-i dont really care for the sources of mcyt, kpop, and jjba, and their fans for the most part, but if i think youre a cool person i wont mind it, just dont expect me to jump at those things ig
-i cuss. a lot. you have been warned.
-if i get carried away in conversation, please let me know. i will not mind, i know i need reminders sometimes.

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