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Making videos

While MYSPACE doesn't have a native method of uploading videos, you can mix together your mp3 and the ability to set background images with css, to create basically video.


downloading the video

You can simply download a video by typing
youtube-dl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbL5M_XplKk

It should leave you in most cases a .webm file.

extracing audio

you can either use ffmpeg to convert it (recommended) or re-download the video with yt-dl

using ffmpeg

ffmpeg -i video.webm audio.mp3

using youtube-dl

youtube-dl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvXJWlJEA0k --extract-audio --audio-format mp3

converting to gif

when I searched for example commands how I could use to achieve this, all websites gave me bad arguments, which made either the conversion slow or the output file too big, so I dropped them.

with the video file downloaded run
ffmpeg -y -i video.webm -r 15 -s 192x144 output.gif

parameter list:

  • -y overwrite
  • -i input
  • -s size (WxH)
  • -r framerate

once done you can upload them to file hosters like catbox (they have a 8mb gif cap, so try keeping the file small) or host it on GitHub pages.

embed them into your css with the background-image property.

downsides of this

  • trade between length, framerate, size and quality (depending on the user's internet speed)
  • you must go by a best case scenario
    • both mp3 and gif start playing at the same time (both seem to be streamed)
    • reloading/navigating to the same page, seems to still let the gif continue playing, instead of resetting. which makes the video go out of sync
    • user mustn't pause the song
      • can be prevented with css (move pause button out of view)

and now everyone will watch neko miko reimu when they visit my profile, isn't that great? :3

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