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(RANT) Super Straights are Dumb.

So if you don't know what super straight is, it's straight people that are attracted to women who are born women (basically cis women even though trans women ARE real women smh) in other words transphobes trying to cover their transphobia with this dumbass sexualty so they can avoid being called transphobic.

It's stupid. I've literally seen people "coming out" as super straight and I hate it. Call me "Superphobic" or Heterophobic I literally don't care. They just wanna feel special. Even though super straight is BASICALLY TRANSPHOBIA, they WANNA BE APART OF THE LGBT+/CLAIM TO BE APART OF THE LGBT+ like why the hell would WE let YOUR TRANSPHOBIC ASS IN OUR FUCKING COMMUNITY???

Straights are not being denied the right to marry. Straights are not being fired for being straight. Straights are not being BEATEN UP, ABUSED, KICKED OUT OF THEIR HOMES, KILLED, OR THEIR SEXUALITY BEING ILLEGAL IN SOME COUNTRIES/STATES. Even if its a joke it's not funny because it's kind of erasing or ignoring the struggles and very real things that are faced in the lgbt+ people. Just look at the discrimination, hate, hate crimes and murder rates we get just for being who we are, epically trans people (epically if they're people of color). People are being fired at, refused from medical cares JUST because they're part of the lgbt+. None of these is happening to straights or cis people. So when I see shit like this it gets me a little bit mad. So don't call people "superphobic" because you're being told that you're transphobic or that you're an asshole because that's not discrimination that's just facts.

Just say you're transphobic and go it's that simple or just keep your fucking mouth shut and never speak again :)

Super Straights are super not ok

anyways, thanks for coming to my ted talk have a good day/afternoon/night

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someone in my class fr said they were super straight and covered it up by saying me and my friend was yelling at him for being straight, it pisses me off so much of how people can be this ignorant, like how are you gonna be transphobic but want to be in a community with transgender people?


I literally agree with everything you said, and I couldn't have said it any better myself


"pEoPlE aRe BuLlInG aNd HaRrAsSiNg Us SuPeR StRaIgHtS" good you deserve it. tbh that's not even compared to what WE get.


literally had a fight with someone saying they were "super straight" they said "people are bulling and harrassing us super straights" people are so stupid like wtf-


the world is not ok


I agree I fr can't stand people who make up fake sexualities because it's kinda mocking the lgbt+ and I don't wanna get into another rant about that (╥﹏╥)


srsly ppl making these fake sexualities need to stop-


i fucking agree with EVERYTHING you just said fucking go OFF