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17 years old
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1M S0 FUCK1NG D0N3333 (An stup1d bl0g

Thursday, March 18th 2021
Rose Cherry is here with a m0th3rfuck1ng complaint...
I hate myself, I never do anything right.. I wasn't grown with friends and even I have my best friend... I think that nothing is forever... I growned completly alone... he has reason I'll be alone and now for his fuckin blame... and mine of course, I'm not a fucking saint... I just... wanna feel alive... I want to stop thinking 'bout what we did and 'bout him... writting 'bout him and thinking how much I hate him and me... I told the fucking truth for me... for anybody else and now I'm dead for everybody...

I'm just dramatizing... I'm okay, i guess... I mean, I'm with a hole liter of cofee in my blood and body XD... But I'm so fucking tired of feeling like this...
Anyways, If there's somebody reading me... thanxxxx I luv u, you're loved <3333

I'm gonna promote myself XD if u wanna see more complaints by me but on stories follow me in IG: @noisesbytheroises
Drink water, eat & sleep well, listen music. kiss, kiss Bye, Bye <3.

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