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23 years old
United States
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Dreadnoughts and Leukemia

for some reason the town seems as though it's alive tonight, as if it were actually breathing,
you opened the irrigation canals to your heart and though i tried to walk along the banks thereof,
i lost my way, leaving me to drift at something akin to the edge of a space occupied by accumulated trauma,
and though i could tell from seeing alone,
your face was not yours.

i wanted you to say
"this is enough,"
or perhaps
"there was nothing,"
but your words were poorly rendered composite photographs, the intent behind them as unclear as what they actually were,
"trading vegetables for fleshlights."

truthfully, deceiving others is the worst,
but hypocrite i am to think so,
playing with floating dinosaur fossils in the bathtub,
having stolen them from the museum,
and having picnics at a graveyard,
insufflating heroin off of a cracked phone screen.

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peace and tranquility.