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Game Development

I've never really talked about my project (or anything at all really) on this page. That's mostly because I don't want to clutter up my blogspace. Whatever that means. But I figured I could just put everything I want to say and any updates all in this one singular blog. So yeah.

At around mid-2019, I decided I was going to develop a video game. I'm quite inept with programming as a concept (though apparently I can manage CSS). That was fine, since the game I had in mind was an RPG, and there's a very accesible easy engine called RPGmaker. However, that costs money. So I used a freeware clone of it called "WOLF RPG Editor." After that I began the work on it.


Caustic is an RPG that is different every time you start a game. What that means is, there's tons of areas and people and other things that are completely different depending on a random number drawn at the game's start. Every number has its own unique experiences that are highly unlikely to be seen again. There are 4 main characters and a slew of amusing side-characters and contemporary world. It's built upon the precedents of earlier RPGs, like Pokemon and Earthbound. The premise of the game is that the game's protagonist, an adolescent named "Charrley" wants to find this rumored person called "The Teller" who is said to provide the answers to all your life's struggles and doubts. As you go along, you pick up some friends along the way who share your goal. However, what you seek may not be what you think it is.
(Oohh, spooky.)

It's taken a long time to develop. As of now, it is very very far from finished. There have been many hurdles to its development. At one point, I had to double the resolution of the game, forcing me to recreate all of the game's assets with 2x detail. I've also remade and overhauled many of the things in-game countless times because they looked awful. Producing the music is also a massive challenge. But, still, I've pushed through. It looks/feels better than ever. I'm way too far in to quit, I am very serious about this project now. Hopefully, I can finish it within a reasonable amount of time.

At the end of the day, I know it's never gonna be popular by any stretch of the imagination, and that's fine. I just wanna make something to make something. My biggest goal is to have maybe 20-30 people play it when it releases (It will be free btw). What matters most to me is ending up with a solid finished project, one that can be a significant attribution to my life if/when I die.

I put this all here cause I wanted to blog about SOMETHING. When the game finishes, I'll leave a link to it somewhere on my page. Until then, if you're somehow interested in it for whatever reason, I tweet updates every now and then on https://twitter.com/badalias_ .

I also did a website for the game too. - https://badalias.neocities.org


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