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The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain

I recently went to the Ten Cent Theater to watch "The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain ", so here's a shitty synopsis to convince you to go watch it too.

The movie centers around this fruity middle-class robot named Martin in dystopian futuristic Great Britain. He works in a factory that manufactures sarcasm and gets pushed around by his peers.
He basically gets fed up with everyone's shit and kills a few bots [and one person].
One of the bots he killed was his lover [whom he killed because she was sleeping with other men and said something very hurtful].
He reprograms her to love him, which ended with little success. She does love him, but she can only repeat the phrase "pieces of eight".

It's a really sad film. He desperately needs a hug... and probably therapy too. Although I'm not really sure why he didn't just go to Phil [his best friend] in the first place. Martin said this about his friend: "Serves a fine old pint and doesn't make me feel like an awkward middle-class twat." Maybe if he spent more time with Phil he wouldn't have felt so homicidal? I'm not sure. Tell me your thoughts in the comments if you'd like.

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