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"I want Samu's boobs in my mouth <3 "
69 years old
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HI <3

I had forgotten about this but life has been great for the past months, yes it has been hard but could have been worse. I dont have depression anymore im just a little sad but therapy really helps. My gf and I havent been able to meet bcs of corona and that really sucks but we talk everyday and she makes me super happy, i really want a hug from her tho. I started swimming just to get my mind out of things for a little and move my body i really enjoy it. I have been watching mob psycho 100 ( i really like anime if u didnt know) and it is pretty good, i can relate to Shigeo hes so sweet and finally in season two hes starting to cope with his feelings better, just like me. I hope i can go back to school being at home alone is really boring and the Corona wont go away. I also started playing club penguin my @ is BUNNYri if yall want to add me :D so thats all for today i think see u.....someday??? maybe tomorrow idk bye <3 stay safe and get help if u can

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