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"Life is just death in drag :)"
21 years old
United States
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Worldviews I STRONGLY disagree with

If you have any of the traits on this list, you probably will have a terrible time talking to me since I do not share in your worldview. You are welcome to debate or engage with me if you disagree with me politically or morally, but I will not befriend you. Do not expect civility or respect from me if you decide to debate me, I am not required to be kind to you.

If you have any of these following traits, we will not get along:

-Believer in tradition, gender roles, or Abrahamic religions (christianity, judaism, islam)
-Overly patriotic or Nationalist
-Against blm/feminism/lgbt people
-White supremacist/"race realist"/antisemetic
-Has antagonistic feelings of any kind towards disadvantaged members of society like women, lgbt, and minorities
-"Blue Lives Matter"
-Believer in anti-science conspiracy theories
-Pedophile or fan of pedophilic anime

NOTE: if you believe in things like "the 4th dimension", "witchcraft", "universal consciousness", "higher consciousness", "multidimensional beings" etc. I do not hate you for your beliefs but I very much disagree.

I will speak to anyone about anything, but don't expect me to be nice about it!!

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big agree

demon fairy

I think it is disgusting that some of these are seen as Worldviews