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"Hello fellow mortals >:)"
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Umm I might need therapy

I wrote this when I was stressed out to the fucking max lol, I wanna see someone about it, like a psychologist about it but Idk if it's important enough I guess. I'll have you guys decide for me cus I can't think for myself!!

TW vent i guess

Why the fuck can’t I write anything? This is a amazing opportunity that your passing up, all because you cant ask for help. Hell, you can write this, but you cant write even a basic dot point of the speak? Fuuuuuck you dude. You were told to have it in by tomorrow a full month ago! Think straight for once please holy shit. Ok, how do we deal with this? Cant ask mum for help, she’ll fall asleep while trying to help me, cant ask Charlie cus he’ll think im only talking to him for help. Maybe Jack? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Im not sure how to talk to Marcus about it either fuck me . Wait what day is the thing? I told mum about how I was feeling and now I feel worse, she blamed it all on sleep but ive been stressing about this all month. Just read the new heartstopper chapter, I feel a little bit better now. I made myself a chicken sandwich but I cant eat it, I’m finding it really hard to stomach, my saliva feels thick,. I feel like vomiting. This can’t be normal, god help meeeeeeeee. I can’t eat it wtf no you need to eat iut fucking eat it please your skinnier then a trig you need to eat it holy shit . stop staring at it and eat. Oh you can eat the crust but not the bread? Fucking great. EAT IT FOR FUCK SAIK!!!!! Are you faking it? Maybe? I hope not, that’s a terrible thing to fake. Ok, if you eat it, ill let you play stardew, dose that sound good? I’ll try. My arms feel weak and my jaw feels weird. I bit into if fuck yes, progress! Ok ill see if I can finish it. I ate It!!!!!! Im faking it then right? If I wasn’t I probably wouldn’t be able to finish it. Oh fuck I went hella off topic. Imma just go to sleep and think about it later.

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