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"Hi clown"
16 years old
Virgin Islands (British)
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I'm here sitting in the middle of nothing, of center of nowhere. I feel dizzy, I can't stand up, I'm stuck here in the total darkness.
I'm scared of dark, I'm scared of loneliness, I don't want to be lonely, I want to be loved. My feelings are crowdy in my head, I'm thinking about everythng and nothig at the same time. I see something, a clock, its tips are pointing the 13pm.
-weird, I said to myself.
But just now I figured out where I'am, its a forest, forest that blooms with weird kinds of flowers and trees. I feel that my nose is bleeding, but when I want to whipe the blood there is no blood, insted of it there is this weird glowing liquid.
-weird, I said to myself.
I can move, so I stood up and took a small step towards the black void, in the beginning I couldn't spot it becouse everything was black and empty, but when the forest appeared I can see it clearly.
I stopped on the edge of the misterious void,
-weird, I said to myself.
Some sudden force pushed me into the endless darkness, I feel warm and calm, very odd♪♪♪


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