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"if u support ybc please stay away from me <3"
101 years old
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god i freaking hate tom /j

i hate tom so much like istg why doesnt this dude fucking go away like why is he always there
he takes up a spot in my friends list for what reason ._.
and like his profile is freaking stupid too like i bet he listens to justin bieber and like shawn mendas n stuff and hes just stupifd i bet he likes meepcity and stuff like why does he even hafe to be there
i hate his stupid lookin face too like why does he need to freaking look at me like that like i didnt ask for you to make eye contact with me like that like ye u look cool n stuff but that wasnt cool n stuff at least wear something else dude like a better shirt or something i bet tom doesnt change his clothes i bet he smells bad
tom is so stupid why cant he go away he literally just makes life so mu7ch worse for me and stuff like just go away tom
idcx if this is like online bullying or something i just want tom to go away hes so stupid and dumb and hes dumb go aw
i hate tom so much

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