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"One day I’ll make you cry, onion!"
100 years old
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about me

get to know me

Heyyy, my name is Marc (ppl close to me call me Murcy - its like "merci" with an "U").
My personality type is INFJ-T. Atm I live in Germany but I've been practically everywhere.
I used to live in America for 8 month as example.

Currently, I am still going to medical school, but I am already working as an EMT in organ transport or
first responding. My personal goal is to fly more on the helicopter because that's what I enjoy the most.

If you have any questions about EMS, HEMS or medicine, feel free to ask me.

For those who care. Currently I am single and even quite happy about it. I am demi sexual.

my hobbies

I love driving cars, watching movies/anime and hanging out with friends.
I rly like talking about deep things and I enjoy watching videos together on the Internet.

I always like to meet new people on the Internet and play games together.

Unfortunately Im relatively bad at first-person games because I dont even practice actively. Although I have over 7,000 hours in CSGO I move through that game like a noob.

my socials

Discord: murcy#0001
Telegram: karambeat
Instagram: https://instagram.com/karambeat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/de_murcy not in use
WhatsApp: When we get to know each other


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