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"i got this cool ass giraffe hat "
Cis Female
13 years old
United States
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very memorable first blog

slight tw for some scissors

so its about 3 am where i am, and i was just vibing to some music like any 13 y/o at 3 am, when my cat hears a noise. my cat is looking at the door, so i pause my music and listen with her. i didn't hear what she heard at the time, so i waited for a minute or so before turning off all my lights, my brightness set to zero on my laptop, everything was off. i picked up some of my scissors and peek out my door to see my dad leaving my little brothers room. i thought my dad was an intruder or smth in our house and probably almost attacked him-

anyway uh im gonna go to bed now, night to literally no one bc i dont have any friends on here yet

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