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"Details are killing me, and I am torn away"
87 years old
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odie thoughts

-I wish I could make my profile picture like an aesthetic edited version of my favorite character because that's what everyone else does on here but my favorite fictional character is Jim Halpert from The Office. Imagine glitchcore Jim Halpert. How would that make you feel???

-How do people do such good CSS? I've seen some accounts on here that don't even look like myspace pages, they're insanely good

-I honestly don't know why the name Odie is so appealing to me. I grew up on Garfield and Odie was my favorite character but it doesn't feel connected to Garfield. But then again every nickname I've had has related to dogs in some way (my nickname when I was like 11 was Scruffy and I'd exclusively draw myself as a very disheveled-looking dog). It's weird.

-Right now I'm watching my boyfriend and their sister on FaceTime try to find a rat in their bedroom while "Devil Town" by Cavetown plays in the background. It's very amusing.

-To anyone else who hyperfixated on Tally Hall during the summer of 2020 I feel for you

-I cannot believe there are actual adults on this site are treating it like some kind of dating app. Bro 90% of the people using this are 12 year old glitchcore Danganronpa kids I don't think you'll find your soulmate here.

-Working on a script. Yeah
-Finished it. It's bad

-I tried bleaching my hair but it turned like orange :/

-Can I just take time to appreciate Joe Hawley's music? Because oh my god. His lyrics are absolute genius. And yes, this is the same guy who penned "Banana Man", but I just looked at the lyrics to Bahamian Rap City and oh my god they're so good. And his signing voice is amazing too. Yeah.

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