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"You don't have to be in relationship to be happy"
16 years old
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chaotically about me

I could say that I interested in almost everything, but I WON'T DO THAT ಠ‿ಠ
So I'm gonna write all down my interest
‎‎‎I really like sport,
Bike is my favourite buddy even though I'm too big for him (but I'm getting bigger one soonB)
I love football and I'm actually quite good, but "gIRLs dOn'T LiKe fOoTbAlL" and all I have on P.E. was volleyball for 4 years nonstop ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ
And also I love swimming :D
‎‎I love art, in poetry, sculpture, paintings, films, music, dance and all sorts of philosophical statements
Actually we can find art everywhere even scribbles drawn during the lessons - they can describe how we feel, where we would like to be
But my favourite art is nature that God created (yea I'm Christian :^) so please be kind to nature, take care of her
Don't throw your rubbish away anywhere - instead if you want you can pick up rubbish in a nearby forest :)
‎‎Actually I don't like being on social media,
Like I find social media good, entertaining and surprisingly educating (I wouldn't know about myspace if I hadn't seen it on tiktok)
But scrolling hours and hours just to be entertained and not bored isn't quite good
I realised that when I saw that I spend almost 12 hours on my phone ಠ‿ಠ
And yea 5 hours was scrolling post on instagram, 4 on youtube watching meaningless videos
I was feeling so down
Even if I wanted to stop watching at the screen I can't cuz my brain wanted endless easy entertainment
I was feeling like a slave
BUT now I feel completely free and I'm happy about it :D
It took a lot of time and I have fallen many times BUT I HAVE NEVER GIVEN UP
‎‎‎‎Now I can do a lot of things
-I'm cameraman(or camerawoman idk xD), editor and recently I recording kpop dance group:^) (I will post cover video as soon as it arrives)
-I really enjoy singing, dancing, painting, playing on piano, sewing, decorating my room
-Because of myspace now I'm coding
-I really love learning (but online school is horribleʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ)
-And actually I really I like being with people and getting to know them so if you want just text me and I can talk with you about anything, I love to have discussions even if they are controversial or I have completely different opinions with the other person
‎‎‎So I think that's it
I admire if anyone read it all ಠ‿ಠ
But I wanted to share a little bit of my life
Thank you for staying there and have nice day^^

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