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"A la velocidad de la luz <3"
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I love sculpting

It all started when I was like 9y/o, the mother of a classmate began to teach basic sculpture classes, my mother, who liked that I was interested in that kind of things, without thinking much about it, enrolled me.

There I met a girl who was one or maybe two years older than me, she had big eyes with a very prominent look, hair so straight and soft that it hardly tangled, and brown skin, as warm as a hug.

I consider myself a fairly outgoing person for most circumstances, that was one oh them, we started talking and we had 3 years of a beautiful friendship, she taught me to sculpt and touch the clay as if it were myself part of it, she taught me to give it the life I needed for each piece to become a masterpiece. I really liked her company

Overnight, she just stopped attending sculpture classes, but not before giving me a gift that I would appreciate, a new way of touching clay, although she has left, she left me with that memory and from that moment I know how much I like to sculpt


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The gift is so beautiful!! The girl seems so nice I hope you meet her again :), sculpting is hard for me lol I find it so beautiful but it's not for me ๐Ÿ˜”