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"b e e s ?"
14 years old
United Kingdom
Last Login: 1624891270000
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More about me/DNI

More about me:

  • I am an Aquarius and I have the same birthday as Suna Rintarou from hq (25th January)
  • I am INTP-T and 4w5
  • I am a Slytherin with Ravenclaw tendencies
  • I am 5'...yes I know I'm short
  • I love cats, snakes, frogs, geckos and bees
  • I play the Ukulele and the guitar
  • I draw somtimes
  • I also write (don't let me write romantic letters, I swear I sound like a victorian gentleman)
  • My favourite ghibli film is Howl's Moving Castle
  • I tend to refer to myself in the third person as a coping mechanism (I try not to do it but it just happens when I'm feeling extra shitty and disconnected from myself) (when I do refer to myself in the third person, I tend to use It/Its pronouns)
    If that makes you uncomfy then I'm sorry
  • I tend to have pretty intense mood swings (and just emotions in general) that just happen out of nowhere (?? the smallest things trigger them and I don't know why) so I'm sorry
  • I am 14 so don't be weird
  • Not many people seem to know that I love nature so...yeah
  • My style/aesthetic is constantly changing and it really just depends on my mood and external factors
  • I am simultaneously extremely smart and extremely dumb. I have so much information in my head that will never help me but I literally forgot the 9 times table the other day.
  • I get anxiety tics and I hate when people point them out so if we ever call and I tic please don't mention it
  • I will either have zero energy or I will have way too much energy
  • I tend to inherit traits that my comfort characters/kins have

    Comforts (especially after a panic attack):
  • Softer/pastel colours
  • Soft textured things (eg: fleecy blankets, stuffies)
  • Hugs
  • small spaces
  • Slower, lower pitched music or ukulele music
  • familiar smells (eg: the perfume my ouma used to wear before her death)
  • animals (especially my rabbit and cat)
  • When I'm allowed/left to completely zone out

  • Homophobes/Transphobes
  • Racists/don't support POC
  • Islamophobes
  • Anti-semites
  • Fujoshis
  • LGBTQIA+ fetishists
  • Don't support neopronouns and xenogenders
  • If you just an overall bigot
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I may be inactive during the week because of school (kill me). If you want to get ahold of me then add my discord. I'm more likely to respond there since I have it on my phone and class is boring.

The chances of my accepting your friend request is high because I'm a lonely mf

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t e e t h

Okay so my mum was cleaning behind the sofa and then i heard her saying "Mitchell (my dads name), is this yours or Kei's? It's just a bag of teeth." I shot up from my bed and was like "HOLY HECK I LOST THAT LIKE 3 YEARS AGO AND WAS SO DEVASTATED." I took it and now I just have a bag of dusty shark teeth in my room. How fun.

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100 Fwiends!!

Thank you sm for 100 Fwiends! I've been feeling really shitty recently but it's made me feel the slightest bit better that 100 people took time outta their day to add me!

I'm sorry if this is short but I don't really know what else to say except thank you.

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