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"mmm fries"
4 years old
United States
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my anime watchlist

my watchlist ::

currently watching :: Hunter x Hunter, Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun , SK8 the Infinity, Attack on Titan.

on pause / gave up :: Sword Art Online, Cells at Work!, popee, haikyu, Saiki K, Food Wars, Toradora!, MGNK, basically all of them haha

want to watch :: black butler, tokyo ghoul, Future Diary, beastars, No Game No Life, demon slayer, FLCL, psycho-pass, kill la kill, Angel beats, jojo, galko-chan, Soul eater, wonder egg, paswig, watamote.

watched :: Kakegurui, Sword Art Online, My Hero Academia, Danganronpa: TA, Gun Gale Online, Aggretsuko, The Promised Neverland s1, Ouran HSHC, Assassination classroom, deathnote.

waiting for :: my hero academia (s5), The Promised Neverland (full s2), Sk8 dub (ep 9)

or at least thats the ones i remember lol

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