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So many friends

+.๏พŸ(็ฌยด อœส–๏ฝ€็ฌ)b๏พŸ+.๏พŸ
I have seen several people say that "the more people you have added, myspace becomes boring" but i dont think so, is more like what worries me is that sometimes I do not comment on the profiles that I add because I forget,
so I will take my time to accept the requests hahahasdfgh
But I'm so happyy every time someone sends me a message, so if you want to talk to me,
do not hesitate to do it, I used to answer very quickly!

-With love Coffeeggโ™ก

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your comment is very sweet, I think that is what makes myspace special, and I love meeting people as friendly as you, thank you for your words(โยดโ—ก`โ)


I have made friends on myspace and it has just gotten better the more friends I make. My favorite part of adding someone is before I do I like to read their about me, It's always so interesting to see how different people are. I also find it brave of people to share facts about themselves (personal or not) without really knowing how people will react.
I really like this blog it's very sweet. Thank you so much for sharing.
Have a great day/night.


i agree, i really love the pages of a lot people and i want to add everybody but it got to the point where i couldn't recognise most people on my list and i feel bad for that
(โ—ž โ€ธ โ—Ÿใ†€)


I don't think it gets too boring, but it is in my opinion kind uneasy to have a chunk of fwiends and no one interact, even via the comments :/.
as well as have inactive fwiends, i think a good amount of people on this site are inactive?? there are a few newly abandoned accounts and its kinda sad to see :[