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"im a raging pansexual boi"
Trans* Male
15 years old
United States
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about d.i.d and my alters!

If youve seen my profile, ive mentioned i have d.i.d.
Heres a small explanation about d.i.d: d.i.d is the short term of dissociative identity disorder. Its where you have one or more alters, i have 7 alters. Im gonna talk about them in age order.

🕱Serenity (Sero for short)
age: 19
gender: male
pronouns: they/he
sexual orientation: bisexual (preference for enby and male)
he's currently taken by someone called 6

🕱Zean (Ze for short)
age: 16 (almost 17)
gender: genderqueer
pronouns: any pronouns
sexual orientation: polysexual
their currently taken by my boyfriends alter, Remus

age: 16
gender: female
pronouns: she/they
sexual orientation: lesbian
she has a girlfriend called Xia

age: 16
gender: genderfluid
pronouns: she/he/they
sexual orientation: pansexual
she has a possessive s/o called Molly

age: 14
gender: non binary
pronouns: it/its/itself
sexual orientation: unlabeled
taken by Tray

age: 13 (almost 14)
gender: genderfluid
pronouns: they/them when they feel feminine and he/him when they feel masculine
sexual orientation: omnisexual
their taken and soft for Ashy

age: 9
gender: non binary
pronouns: they/them
sexual orientation: their still young but they think they might be pan
not taken, just has a best friend called Ramen

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