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"wheres home?.. i miss it, where ever it was."
100 years old
United States
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hey. (a letter for you)

hey, are you okay? no like seriously, are you okay?
your doing so good today trust me i have no idea what ur going through and i have no right to say ur okay and doing well that isnt logically possible rlly but uh, ur doing good. i promise you there is people who love you and smile at you anytime you talk to them or check in with them your making someone happy trust me. oh, also.

have you drank and eaten today?
i know its hard i myself have trouble eating everyday so ur not alone aha! but rlly though, have you? if not get up and eat im gonna be so proud of you when you do, and if you dont ill still be just as proud as long as you try your best to eat and drink today. okay last one, i promise.

i dont care that your missing 50+ assignments, ur mental health comes first.
i do encourage you to do ur assignments but please look after yourself. take your medications, have some free time for ur hobbies, take off ur binder if you have been wearing it to long. school is the least of ur concerns and shouldnt be taking up ur whole entire life thats a unhealthly mindset and you should really look after yourself. okay thats it i kept my promise. goodbye, [REDACTED].

warm regards, haze.

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why did I cried reading this- this made my day better thank u <33