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"Now they always say Congratulations"
41 years old
United States
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Im Sorry

Hey guys im sorry to say i wont be on myspace for a while bc as some of u probably know this is a school laptop and like I have to turn it in soon so like I'm getting rid of everything that's not school related and this is one of them :(
I'm upset cause like sometimes I would just come here to look at people pages cause they relaxing :) but maybe soon ill be back online giving yall a heads up even tho its not like anybody cares I'm going offline :( but this 8th grade year was stressful i was not gonna pass this year but I did so I'm a freshman now :) so yea Bye guys hope to see yall soon :))

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Dear Agoraphobic Friend

I'm on the hunt for new friends;-; but I'm bad at talking to people cause when I try to be friends they block me XD
anyways since I'm not gonna put this in my bio thing shit.....I know some people don't wanna be friends if they think ur a fake person so to show I'm a real person HELLOO I'm Ti'Nyla ikr I hate it too but I do have Tik Tok and insta and snap I will only give out 2 My insta and Tik Tok are the same who_is_nylaaa I'm 14 I don't be on insta like that cause my grades are low rn so I don't have my phone and prob will not have it for a while so looks at them do whatever u want with them (don't sell them to child porn or sex trafficking;-;) but yerrr byeee


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